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  • s1890s
  • s1900s
  • 1910s
  • 1920s
  • 1930s
  • 1940s
  • 1950s
  • 1960s
  • s1970s
  • 1890s 1890s: Menzies is born in Jeparit
  • 1900s 1900s: Women gain the right to vote
  • 1910s 1910s: War to end all wars
  • 1920s 1920s: Happy little Vegemites
  • 1930s 1930s: Menzies political career takes off
  • 1940s 1940s: Australia through dark times
  • 1950s 1950s: Menzies the prime minister
  • 1960s 1960s: Menzies retires, man reaches Moon
  • 1970s 1970s: Menzies reflects, Australia matures

Menzies in his time: Robert Gordon Menzies
Australian statesman

"The years spanned by Menzies' lifetime had taken civilization from horseless carriages to freeways; from the Wright brothers to a jet that could cross the world in a day; instant telecommunication, bringing an isolated Australia into the 'global village'; wars that drew the nations together; the nuclear bomb; and a growing maturity as travel, education and culture became accessible to everyone; Menzies lived through the changes and seemed to enjoy the journey."

Video script Menzies in his time, 1994

About the MVM


The site is designed for school children and the public who have an interest in the life and times of Sir Robert Menzies.?สล็อต แจก เครดิต ฟรี ไม่ต้องฝาก 2561

National History Challenge

Sir Robert Menzies

The Menzies Foundation is sponsoring the Special Category: Sir Robert Menzies in the National History Challenge. Learn more...


Robert Menzies and Patti Menzies 1938The MV is an educational resource which documents the life and achievements of Sir Robert Menzies. See our Resources here...

Speech is of Time

res mw119848Selected Speeches and Writings
The Right Hon Robert Gordon Menzies?C.H., Q.C., M.P.?Published in 1958.
Read here...?

The Forgotten People

The Forgotten PeopleFrom the standpoint of a true patriot and in the spirit of man to man, Mr Menzies examines relevant issues, in The Forgotten People. Read here...


Sir Robert MenziesThe Rt Hon Sir Robert Gordon MENZIES, KT, AK, CH, FRS, QC was born in Jeparit, Victoria. View the highlights of Sir Robert's life here...

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